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Study in Essex UK

Travelling around Essex while studying abroad: University of Essex.

explore Exeter University of Essex is where curiosity prevails, and where exploring new ways of thinking and pushing boundaries, isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected. Studying in Essex is all about creativity and thinking out of the box. Enhance your imaginations and discover new ideas by travelling around the beautiful Essex. Since you decided to study…

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Public Administration Course

What are the course subjects in Public Administration?

Choosing the right course Are you confused about what major to take for college later? Take your time, don’t let yourself choose a major that doesn’t match your interests and talents. With this in mind, students are less likely to give up halfway. From now on, you can start looking for more information about the…

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Study Sociology major

Explore 4 Reasons to Choose a Sociology Major

Sociology Speaking of sociology majors, maybe this major is not very popular because it does not lead to a definite career path like engineering, law, or medicine majors. However, there are many benefits and reasons for choosing a sociology major that you can dig deeper into!   One of the reasons to study sociology is…

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Hidden gems in Australia that you must visit

5 “Hidden Gems” in Australia!

The hidden Gems   Australia is known as a favourite destination for Malaysian students who want to study abroad. Moreover, Australia also has many places that are definitely worth visiting. Especially if I had the chance to study in this country, it would be a shame not to visit the beautiful attractions in Australia. There…

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Is majoring in biology difficult?

Is majoring in Biology difficult ? The Answer Is Here!

Study Biology Biology majors study the science behind living organisms. This study covers the origin and history of animal and plant life, their characteristics, functions, processes, and habits. So, for those who are curious, is majoring in biology difficult ? Read on to find out the answer!     is majoring in Biology difficult? Still…

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Afternoon tea in the UK

Afternoon tea in the UK.

The story of afternoon tea Writing Essay Afternoon tea is the most quintessential English custom. However, perhaps surprisingly it is a relatively new tradition. While the custom of drinking tea dates back to the third millennium BC in China (Johnson, 2015). Then it started to get popular during the 1660s in England because of King…

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Advertising vs Marketing Majors : What are the differences?

marketing vs advertising Marketing and advertising are often interpreted as the same thing. However it is not true. There is a big difference in business practices involving the two. Well, these are the differences that you should know before choosing to study advertising or marketing majors abroad. This time, SUN ASA Education will discuss the…

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study in the UK

Study in the UK: The life of an international student in the UK.

Studying in the UK Study in the UK as an international student, you will have access to all the world’s leading Universities. The world ranking universities and colleges include of course Cambridge, Oxford, University of Exeter, Abbey College, Concord College, University of St Andrews and many more. The life as an international student in the…

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Penang heritage

Must Visit Penang Heritage building

Penang Malaysia is well known for our rich cultural diversity and historical architecture. However, there is a place in Malaysia that has the most heritage buildings that are well maintained and protected. That place is called Georgetown. It is the heart of Malaysia’s northern Penang state. Other than the beautiful Penang heritage buildings, Penang also…

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Must do in New Zealand

Must Do in New Zealand

New Zealand New Zealand is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful scenery for us to enjoy. You will find everything from untamed wilderness to rich culture across New Zealand. If you enjoy nature you will love New Zealand. From towering mountains and mist-cloaked fjords, you can find serenity in golden beaches curled around quiet…

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7 Facts About America

7 Facts about America.

Living in America For those of you who are planning to move to America for study or work, you have to know a little bit about life there. Many people say that life in America can be described in two words: “free” and “expensive”. However, these two words are not always and completely true. This…

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popular courses in the uk

Popular Courses in the UK.

Study in the UK The United Kingdom is a very popular destination for studying abroad in Malaysia. Their status as home to the world’s most prolific universities such as Cambridge, Imperial College and Oxford is one of the reasons why. However there are some courses that are more popular than others.  On the other hand,…

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Cost of living in Canada

The Cost of Living Canada.

Cost of Living In our previous article, we wrote about why Canada is one of the most popular locations for studying abroad. Apart from their premier education, cross-cultural experiences, and a globally recognized degree, their cost of living is also quite affordable. However, for international students, planning ahead is a must before getting admitted to…

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Food in Malaysia

Food in Malaysia: Both the locals and tourist will enjoy.

All About Food Malaysia is a heaven for food. If you love food you will definitely love Malaysia. However, usually the locals have their own secret hideouts and hidden gems that tourists don’t know. Therefore, this article is to help you discover some of the good food that locals love. Some might be well known…

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Why study in UK

Reasons to study abroad in The UK: Why Study in UK? :

Study Abroad This article will help you to understand benefits of  studying in the UK. There is a high percentage of Malaysians who chooses to study in UK. Here are the reasons why.   1. High quality education Firstly, UK universities have an impressive international reputation and rank among the best in the world. Moreover, 4…

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Travel to uk from malaysia: exeter

Travel to the UK from Malaysia: Learn about Exeter!

Enjoy Exeter This article is all about travel to UK from Malaysia: Places to visit in Exeter. Understand what you can do there. Exeter is an ancient city on the River Exe in southwest England. From a glorious cathedral to a wealth of culinary hotspots, outdoor adventures and historical discoveries, there are so many things…

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Cream tea in exeter

Things to do in Exeter: Cream Tea in Exeter

Cream tea in Exeter Cream Tea is a snack most often associated with the West Country, i.e. Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. It usually consists of scones, clotted cream or butter, strawberry jam, and of course, tea. It’s often enjoyed in the afternoon but can be served anytime in between meals.    A cream tea…

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Things to do in Adelaide Australia

Things to do in Adelaide Australia.

Explore Adelaide This article will bring you to explore the city of South Australia, Adelaide. This beautiful city has wondrous places that you can’t find in other places in the world. No matter if you want to travel or study in Adelaide, you will love this article. Explore the countryside to the heart of the…

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Cost of Living in Australia in Malaysian Ringgit

Cost of Living in Australia in Malaysian Ringgit.

Cost of Living in Australia in Malaysian Ringgit Australia’s cost of living is comparable to that of other nations, consisting of three major components: housing, food, and transportation. As one of the most popular study locations for Malaysian students, many are unaware of the Kangaroo Country’s expense of living. This article will discuss the cost…

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Must Know: Study in Australia

Things you need to know before “Study In Australia”.

The Experience Studying abroad isn’t only about education, it is also about living in another country with a new environment and culture. A lot of students nowadays have a dream of studying abroad because of what they see on social media. Now it is no longer a dream. If you really want to know about…

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Cost of living in Singapore

Cost of living in Singapore for Overseas Students.

Singapore Singapore is one of the developed countries in Asia and it is located close to Malaysia. Besides being a leader in the economy and also trade and business sector, this country also has an excellent education system. That is why there are many students who want to pursue their education in Singapore. Some other…

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Cost of Living in South Korea

How much is the cost of living in South Korea?

The Cost of living Music and entertainment industry are not the only well-known aspects of South Korea. This ‘Jinsom’ country also becomes one of the tourism destinations as well as for studying. There are a huge number of people visiting this country every year. Some of them stayed for weeks, and some decided to live…

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Score PTE: English Test

Tips on Scoring Your PTE Test : English Test.

A Different Kind of English test PTE is a fully computerised English test. Computerised tests usually have a very fixed marking system so you will have to trigger the marking points. Follow the points that we provide you and you will score with flying colours. KEYWORDS There are a few points that can help you…

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To do list in NYC: International students

TO-DO-LIST in NYC : International Students

Living in a new environment is usually pretty exciting. However there will also be some stressful moments where you start to miss home. Here are a few things that you can do while you are studying abroad in NYC that will help you with your homesickness. Travelling around and keeping yourself busy with all the…

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Ramadan Bazaar

Enjoy Malaysia’s biggest food festival of the year: Ramadan Bazaar

Photo credit: https://theculturetrip.com/asia/malaysia/articles/the-9-best-ramadan-bazaars-in-penang-malaysia/ Ramadan Bazaar During the Ramadan celebration there will be lots of food fairs around malaysia. Since 2020, due to Covid19 restrictions and MCO midway through Ramadan, Malaysians have been missing out on all the fun.    However, thankfully in 2022, Ramadan Bazaars are back in action for the classic buka puasa eats,…

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DIY Minimalist hacks

DIY Minimalist Furniture Hacks for University Students.

Why Minimalist Furniture Students usually do not live in a big house with lots of space. Therefore, it is very important to decorate their spaces with functional furniture. Minimalist designs are in trend as well. Simple yet aesthetic, very suitable for the modern day students. Shopper shares a coffee table hack by using the most…

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University students abroad

What University Students Do Abroad?

This article is all about understanding the life of an International student while they study abroad. Before deciding to study overseas, understanding the life of a student is a must.  **This article is 100% based on our students’ experience.** Life of a university Students. The life of students who study abroad are usually very different…

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Top 50 Young Universities

Top Universities: World’s Top Young Universities 2022

Top Universities: World’s Best Young Universities 2022 How can you get rated as a World’s Best Young University? A University is considered as a young University when they are less than 50 years old. In this article, there will be information on The Times Higher Education Young University Rankings list. As well as how THE…

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English test (Title)

Most Effective Ways to Score on Your English test.

Score Your English Test with Flying Colours. Before you study abroad, you will usually be asked to take an English Test. If English isn’t listening, speaking, reading and writing are all crucial skills  when it comes to mastering a new language. First we listen, then we speak, then we read and finally we write. These…

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Live Overseas After Studying Abroad

Live in the Country you Study Abroad?

Your dreams of living overseas may not be a dream after all. The Journey starts with studying abroad.  * Please take note that this article is based on our student’s past experience. It may not be 100% accurate for everyone . live overseas Have you been wondering, how did so many people manage to work…

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Undergraduates Survival: Tips from a Fourth Year Student

Are you feeling nervous about starting your degree (on the first day!) at your chosen college or university? Graduate vs Undergraduate: two different things but you could actually face the same few things! Your first day of university is, without a doubt, a character-building. It’s a nice challenge, right? And you’re taking it! Let me tell you—that is a great start.

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Popular Courses This Year

Popular Courses This Year

The worlds of industry and education have been rapidly growing and renewing for several decades. As a result, this trend may lead to the arrivals of new study programs and courses offering more practical and tangible prospects for your future career.

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5 Best College Majors for the Future

Are you currently preparing yourself to continue your study, but haven’t decided what major you should pick? There’s no need to fear. You simply need to choose based on your passion and talents so that you can hone your skills and choose a career that is suitable for you after you graduate.

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Easy Tips to Prepare TOEFL

Easy Tips to Prepare for TOEFL

When you plan to continue your higher education or study abroad, an internationally recognized English proficiency test certificate will be requested to be included. One type of test is the Test of English as a Foreign Language — or commonly abbreviated as TOEFL®.

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