The place and the comfort of your accommodation plays an important role in determining whether or not you stay at home in Australia. Therefore, the selection of proper accommodation in accordance with your needs is one of the main things that need to be considered. The types of accommodation usually occupied by international students in Australia are:

  • Accommodation on campus (On Campus Accommodation)

Many universities have dormitories. Boarding facilities are generally equipped with a bed, a study table, bathroom, laundry, kitchen, as well as a gathering place. Most dorms provide food. On-campus accommodation costs an average of AUD 230 – AUD 400 per week.

  • Rented Apartment or House

International students can rent an apartment or house. The amount of the rent paid varies according to the location, space, and the facilities available. Many international students occupy the house or apartment together (sharing). The cost of renting an apartment is AUD 350 – AUD 550 per week. These costs can be saved by inviting friends to stay together so that each tenant only pays half of the cost.

  • Stay with an Australian Family (Homestay)

Homestay is one of the most effective ways for international students to practice English. It is also a good way to get to know the culture and customs of Australia. Living with a host family provides valuable opportunities to have conversations with them. You can learn more quickly because you are constantly thinking and speaking in English in every situation – a situation that is very practical. You can choose a homestay which includes a meal or just room only. A student who is under 18 years is usually recommended to stay in a homestay in order to get closer supervision from parents. As a guest of a homestay, you are expected to be independent, respectful and willing to cooperate. Homestay fee ranges between AUD 250 – AUD 360 per week (including meals).