Part Time Work

Currently, student visas issued to international students studying in public universities automatically include the permission for students to work directly both on campus and off campus. Full-time students and their dependents can take part-time jobs up to 20 hours per week during study term and full-time work up to 40 hours during the holiday period. The standard minimum salary earned during a part-time job is CAD 10 per hour. After graduating from the academic programme, students can gain employment in Canada for up to three (3) years under the post-graduation work permit.

For example, if an academic programme is four (4) years, the post-graduation work permit is three (3) years. If the study period is two (2) years, the post-graduation work permit is three (3) years. If the course is one (1) year, then the post-graduation work permit is only one (1) year.

If you are studying in Canada, then you have the opportunity to follow the Co-operative Education programme or often known as Co-op. Co-op is a programme in which students are given the opportunity to work for a period of time in the areas of their studies. Some Co-op even provides financial compensation for the students. Duration of Co-op is varied; You can intern for one (1) full semester and then go back to college, and take Co-op programme several times during your study period. Completing the Co-op programme can be advantageous as some companies tend to recruit employees who have undertaken the Co-op programme. An additional advantage is that co-op also allows students to apply the theories learned in the classroom into real practice. Besides, who does not want to work with professionals and expand their network?