There are many good choices of accommodation for international students in the UK which can be arranged after you are accepted in schools or universities in the UK.

  • School or University Accommodation (University Residence)

Usually schools and universities provide accommodation for their students. Facilities include a bed, a storage closet for clothes, a desk and study lamp, chairs, heaters, and bookshelves. Some are also equipped with a bathroom in the room and 24-hour internet access. This accommodation costs an average of GBP 150 – GBP 300 per week.

  • Rented Apartment or House

A popular choice for two (2) or more students who want to share the cost of accommodation is renting an apartment (flat) or a home with a contract of one (1) year minimum.

The cost of renting an apartment or a house is about GBP 200 – GBP 400 per week. Of course, the cost of rent depends on the size of the apartment or house and its location. It is likely that you will have to pay the cost of electricity, heating and telephone charges.