Studying abroad is one of the most beneficial and exciting experience for a college/university student where one can get to see the world, experience different styles of education and learn about new cultures. Students expect to gain a world- class education in a challenging environment to boost their personal development and career prospects.

ASA gave us good advice and guidelines. They even provided lots of information about choosing the right college/university and academic programs for my daughter. With the variety, my daughter was able to choose a program that was both exciting and suitable for her.

Furthermore, ASA’s assistance in arranging all the necessary entrance tests and interviews saved my daughter and I a lot of trouble. With their guidance, my daughter was able to successfully apply to the university of her choice. Thanks to ASA, the visa process was also smooth and easy. My daughter has settled in well within a short period of one month and is happy studying in the new and joyful environment in St Andrews now.

We are happy with ASA. Their service is fast, reliable and efficient and I would definitely recommend them to my friends who are interested.

Thank you!

CHEN CarmenPathway to Medicine & BSc (Hons) Medicine, University of St Andrews – UK

In the UK, the students are so diverse and friendly. Besides, being there also encouraged you to be a lot more independent and more mature as you are away from home.

ASA is incredibly helpful in terms of helping out with the application process, especially if it is a new thing for you. I found that it was very easy for me to go through the whole process with the guidance that they provide (eg: university application, visa application), as they organize and let you know beforehand of all the things you need.

LEE Ker XinArchitecture, Loughborough University - UK

My experience studying in the UK has been a truly enjoyable and positive one. My teachers have been superb and were dedicated in providing high standard education.

Besides, ASA provided me with information and opportunities to meet and talk with college representatives in the UK, thus enabling me to make what I believe was the best choice which led me to the university of my choice. ASA has been very helpful, not only helping me in my college application but also my visa application for college and university. The staff of ASA are very friendly, competent and prompt to answer any of my queries. I would like to sincerely thank them for all their help.

Sahib Singh SARBJIT SINGHUniversity of Cambridge, UK (Medicine)

Studying in the UK has been nothing but a wonderful and eye opening experience for me. I’ve had the chance to work and stay with people from all over the world and from there, I’ve learnt about different cultures and practices. Not only that, Exeter has a very conducive environment for me to focus on my studies – teachers are friendly and most of them teaches well and it is a really safe place to be in. 

Personally, the best thing about studying overseas is getting to travel around UK during our break and I definitely ticked this off my bucket list as I’ve visited over 3 other Europeans countries and more than 5 cities over the year. I really enjoyed being part of the Exeter community and I would like to thank ASA (especially Ryan) for making sure my progression to the university a successful and smooth one. I first thought that it would be impossible for me to get into top universities in UK but ASA made it come true for me, and hence I’m really grateful for it.

LIM Jia ChieUndergraduate: University of Exeter – BSc Accounting and Finance Postgraduate: Imperial College London – MSc Finance and Accounting

SUN Education Group has helped me a lot to access information on studying abroad. The staff are nice and very helpful. They helped me process documents needed and gave me several tips to catch up with life in the country I chose to study in. Everything was organized so I did not have to worry about missing out on anything. I would recommend anyone who is preparing for their further studies to use their services.

Dyah Turangga DewiBachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Curtin University - Australia

SUN helped me a lot through my further studies journey, starting from IELTS preparation to deciding on a good university for me and how to get in. The teachers and staff are really helpful, friendly and supportive and they will help you when you have trouble and make sure you achieve your goals.

Cindy TanoriDiplome de Patisserie, Le Cordon Bleu - Australia

SUN helped me find a way out from being stuck in a hole. Bobby, one of the agents in SUN helped me a lot throughout the process of finding a university/college until I managed to enter one. It was definitely not an easy time during the process, but SUN helped me find multiple solutions and in the end, we agreed to one.

NicholasBusiness, Columbia College - Canada

SUN Education sangat membantu aku dari sejak memilih jurusan dan universiti, IELTS preparations, IELTS Test, upload documents, bahkan sampai mencari akomodasi. Konselor SUN Education juga selalu memastikan apakah aku merasa aman dan nyaman selama proses ini, bahkan sampai menyemangati aku ketika aku merasa breakdown dan nyaris putus asa.

Aulia RahmadianiMSc Enterprise & Entrepreneurship, Leeds University Business School - UK

Saya mempercayakan SUN Education untuk pengurusan studi saya kerana SUN merupakan lembaga yang terpercaya dan sudah terbukti memberangkatkan banyak siswa/i nya keluar negeri dengan sukses. Saya merasa sangat terbantu mulai dari application process ke universiti, info yang cepat mengenai universitas, dan juga konsultasi mengenai berbagai hal dengan staff berpengalaman.

I Putu Mahendra Artha MulyaInformation Technology for Business, Coventry University - UK

Sewaktu saya memutuskan untuk kuliah di USA, saya sama sekali tidak tahu bagaimana prosesnya, cara apply-nya jadi saya memilih untuk datang ke SUN Education. SUN Education sangat membantu kerana memang mereka sangat mengerti dan menjawab semua pertanyaan.

Selain itu mereka juga memberi tahu apa saja yang dibutuhkan, termasuk membantu menerjemahkan dokumen-dokumen. Terkait pendaftaran maupun visa, SUN Education juga sangat membantu dalam mengirimkan dokumen-dokumen penting.

Dixon TirtayadiComputer Sciences, University of Washington Seattle - USA