There are a range of entry requirements you may have to meet, depending on the level of the course you want to apply to. For example, depending on your academic qualification, you might need to join a foundation course as a pathway to a bachelor programme.

First, you need to know what your career goal is or what your dream job is. Once you know it, you can join the course which can equip you with necessary skills.

Generally, 3-4 months before an intake is sufficient time to process your application but kindly note that some programmes have their own deadlines which could be a year before the intake. Every country also has their specific course start date and there are universities which implement open admissions, meaning that they can accept applications at any time. There are universities which implement application windows, meaning that they only accept applications during a certain period.

There are two expense components for studying overseas; tuition fee and living cost. The number will vary, depending on the programme, course length, distance you would need to travel to campus and your lifestyle. A certain amount of funds needs to be available in your bank account for your visa purposes, depending on your country destination.

University can assist both self-funded and scholarship students. Sometimes universities offer bursaries, but rarely offer full scholarship

We can assist most of scholarship students to apply to our University partners.

Every country has different rules on part-time work for student but most of them are offering part time work.

Most of our university partners offer on campus accommodation. We also have off campus accommodation partners.

As an education consultancy which has official agreement with our university partners, we can help you to ensure that your application is on track in a timely and efficient manner, FREE of Charge.

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