1. 100% Free Consultation

Education counselors typically do not charge any fees. Therefore, you can receive guidance, assistance, and an overall smoother experience throughout the process without incurring any costs. They provide these services free of charge because they are compensated by international universities that refer prospective international students to them. Thus, students can access invaluable support and guidance without any financial burden.


2. Comprehensive Support from Beginning to End

Upon students’ decision to pursue higher education abroad, education counselors diligently assist students in acquiring university offer letters, completing the visa process, and submitting other essential documents. As dependable education consultants, they offer support to students from the initial phases until their migration overseas.


3. Wider Networks and Opportunities

Education counselors leverage partnerships with universities abroad, streamlining communication and applications for students. With insights on acceptance criteria and university dynamics, counselors provide invaluable guidance. At SUN ASA Education, our extensive partnerships empower counselors to confidently steer aspiring international students towards success. Through expert advice, applicants gain confidence and clarity in their journey.


4. Priceless and Valuable Experience

For first-time international student applicants, education counselors bring vast experience, having interacted with diverse students and communicated with numerous overseas universities. They possess thorough knowledge of application requirements and deadlines, enabling them to offer valuable advice.


If you wish to inquire further about studying abroad, please feel free to contact us at:

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💬WhatsApp: 010-280 3471

Our experienced advisors will provide you with the best advice and assist you in finding the most suitable university. It’s a completely free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!