A decade ago, Malaysia wasn’t known as a global study destination. Today, it’s a different scenario. The Malaysian government has significantly invested in higher education, aiming to position the country as a key hub for education in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Malaysia is a sought-after destination for international students, known for its affordable living costs, diverse programs, and budget-friendly tuition. English, along with Bahasa Malaysia, is widely spoken, and the country’s multicultural environment includes Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tamil. Situated in Southeast Asia, Malaysia offers a welcoming atmosphere, natural beauty, and innovation, making it a rising study hub. Renowned for its multicultural heritage, students can relish a variety of delicious foods. The tropical climate provides a pleasant contrast for those from colder climates. With its strategic location, Malaysia serves as a convenient gateway for students to explore neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

  • Highly affordable tuition fees with high quality education
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Diversity of food
  • Ease of travelling
  • English fluency
  • Multicultural Nation
  • Peaceful and Safe

Most universities in Malaysia offer on-campus accommodations for students, ensuring convenience and a sense of community. Additionally, there are off-campus options located just outside university campuses. If on-campus choices don’t meet preferences, students have the flexibility to explore off-campus housing. It’s worth noting that the type and location of accommodations can influence the overall cost of living in Malaysia.

On Campus Accommodation in Malaysia
Malaysian universities offer on-campus accommodations with guaranteed availability for first-year undergraduate students. To secure a place, students need to apply in advance. Residence halls are typically furnished with essentials like a bed, table, and chair. Students can choose between self-catered or catered accommodations. On-campus facilities often include en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, television, fridge, and Wi-Fi, all included in the admission fee. Some halls may offer self-service laundry facilities with additional charges.

Off-campus/privately rented accommodation
If you prefer a quieter living environment away from campus, you have the option to rent privately, either solo or with flatmates.
As of now, the estimated average monthly rent for non-shared housing in Kuala Lumpur is around MYR 2,200. In Penang, non-shared accommodation ranges from MYR 1,700 to MYR 2,000 per month.
While off-campus private housing is generally affordable, keep in mind that utility bills are often separate and not included in the rent. You’ll need to cover utility expenses in addition to your rent.
For those opting for an individual rental flat, budgeting up to MYR 2,900 per month is advisable, although exact costs vary based on location and flat type. Flats in city centres tend to be pricier.
Sharing a flat with others can significantly lower monthly costs. The average monthly rate for a shared flat in Malaysia ranges from MYR 500 to MYR 1,020, depending on factors like location and the number of flatmates.

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