Singapore, a unique blend of city, state, and island nation, stands out with its futuristic architecture, man-made waterfalls, and a multicultural vibe. Boasting four official languages, top-notch healthcare, and efficient public transportation, it’s a small yet dynamic destination.

Food takes center stage in Singapore, with a renowned hawker culture offering diverse cuisines from Asian delights to authentic Indian dishes. The city is a shopping paradise, recognized as one of Asia’s vibrant hubs, with its trendy fashion and accessory stores alongside iconic landmarks.

  • A global reputation for academic excellence

  • Abundance of cultural diversity

  • Multilingual nation

  • High quality of life 

  • Efficient public transportation

  • Safe and secure environment

For Malaysian students, obtaining a Student Pass is crucial for studying in Singapore. Once accepted into a university, the institution handles the student visa application. However, you must apply for a Student Pass from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) 1 to 2 months before your course starts. 

Provide required information from your university, submit documents, and visit the ICA upon arrival to collect the pass. Ensure full-time enrollment in an approved course, as part-time or evening/weekend courses are not eligible.

If transferring to another school after approval but before pass collection, a new application is required. Visa processing typically takes 15 days to a month, but additional information or an interview may extend the timeline to up to four months.

As is the case in any country, the cost of housing in Singapore varies based on the type of accommodation and the locality. Opting for on-campus residence halls may incur a monthly cost of approximately SGD 400-500, where dormitories typically accommodate four to six students. Alternatively, choosing off-campus housing, either individually or sharing with others, will have costs influenced by the locality and amenities. In Singapore, the average rent for off-campus living can range from SGD 900 to 2600 per month.

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