Canada boasts unrivaled scenery, featuring majestic mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, and vast forests, perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. Explore diverse landscapes, from the Rockies to Niagara Falls, and enjoy unique experiences like whale watching and witnessing the northern lights.

With cosmopolitan cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary, Canada offers a blend of urban and rural attractions. Each city has its charm, from Montreal’s jazz festivals to Toronto’s unique theaters. Embrace Canadian politeness, where saying “sorry” is practically a national anthem, creating a welcoming and civil environment for an enriching study experience.

study in canada
  • Canada is a very safe country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  • Canada has stable social conditions.
  • Canada is a multicultural society.
  • The quality of education is high and internationally recognized, and supported by the Canadian government in the form of funds.
  • Canada has a comfortable and secure living and learning environment.
  • The cost of study is very competitive.
  • Students can apply for a part-time work permit of 20 hours per week during the school year and 40 hours per week during school holiday.
  • The opportunity to work full-time for a maximum of three (3) years in Canada after graduation depends on the length of the duration of the academic programme undertaken.
  • Opportunities to obtain Permanent Residency after graduation are greater here than in other countries.
  • Canada is a country full of varied natural beauty.

The student visa must be obtained by international students as a permit to live and study in Canada. Initially, entry visas will be granted as entry permits, and after arriving in Canada, students will be given a study permit that allows them to stay in Canada temporarily during their study period.

Most schools in Canada offer a wide range of choices and conveniences for resident students. However, homestay is the right choice for international students who want to improve their English and / or French; as well as to experience a welcoming and friendly environment from the host family.

Currently, student visas issued to international students studying in public universities automatically include the permission for students to work directly both on campus and off campus. Full-time students and their dependents can take part-time jobs up to 20 hours per week during study term and full-time work up to 40 hours during the holiday period. The standard minimum salary earned during a part-time job is CAD 10 per hour. After graduating from the academic programme, students can gain employment in Canada for up to three (3) years under the post-graduation work permit.

For example, if an academic programme is four (4) years, the post-graduation work permit is three (3) years. If the study period is two (2) years, the post-graduation work permit is three (3) years. If the course is one (1) year, then the post-graduation work permit is only one (1) year.

If you are studying in Canada, then you have the opportunity to follow the Co-operative Education programme or often known as Co-op. Co-op is a programme in which students are given the opportunity to work for a period of time in the areas of their studies. Some Co-op even provides financial compensation for the students. Duration of Co-op is varied; You can intern for one (1) full semester and then go back to college, and take Co-op programme several times during your study period. Completing the Co-op programme can be advantageous as some companies tend to recruit employees who have undertaken the Co-op programme. An additional advantage is that co-op also allows students to apply the theories learned in the classroom into real practice. Besides, who does not want to work with professionals and expand their network?

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