STEP 1: Consultation with Our Counsellors
SUN ASA Education Counsellors are well-versed in the qualifications required to apply for courses overseas and options available at any level of qualifications you have obtained (including possible credit transfer). When you bring us your highest qualification, we advise you the options available and guide you through the procedures required, lead you to realise your dream to pursue your studies overseas.
STEP 2: Application and Support

To apply, several documents need to be completed, such as application form, score transcript, international English language test score (IELTS™, TOEFL®, or others) and photocopy of passport.

Some additional documents, like letters of recommendation from academic figures, personal statement, reference letter, and research proposal are also required. There’s no need to worry, you will be guided by our experienced counsellors on all documents required.

STEP 3: Obtain Offer Letter

Our counsellors will help you follow up on acceptance from your selected institutions. Depending on the level of study and institutions, usually a period of 1 to 2 months is needed to await the acceptance letter.

STEP 4: Payment of Tuition Fee

After receiving your Offer Letter and fulfilling all academic requirements, students will be asked to pay for tuition fee and/or other additional expenses.

STEP 5: Student Visa Application Process

SUN ASA Education’s counsellors will handle the request of a student visa for the country of destination.

To apply for a student visa, documents such as visa form, offer letter, bank statement from parents or sponsor, latest transcript, birth certificate, family certificate are required.

STEP 6: Flight Tickets, Accommodation and Pick-up Arrangements

Counsellors will help to purchase flight tickets, handle accommodation applications, and airport pick up arrangements in the country of destination.

STEP 7: Pre-Departure Briefing and connect with New / Existing Students

Attending a pre-departure briefing from SUN ASA Education before departing is highly encouraged. Counsellors will be willing to help while students are studying there.

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