Studying abroad is one of the most beneficial and exciting experience for a college/university student where one can get to see the world, experience different styles of education and learn about new cultures. Students expect to gain a world- class education in a challenging environment to boost their personal development and career prospects.

ASA gave us good advice and guidelines. They even provided lots of information about choosing the right college/university and academic programs for my daughter. With the variety, my daughter was able to choose a program that was both exciting and suitable for her.

Furthermore, ASA’s assistance in arranging all the necessary entrance tests and interviews saved my daughter and I a lot of trouble. With their guidance, my daughter was able to successfully apply to the university of her choice. Thanks to ASA, the visa process was also smooth and easy. My daughter has settled in well within a short period of one month and is happy studying in the new and joyful environment in St Andrews now.

We are happy with ASA. Their service is fast, reliable and efficient and I would definitely recommend them to my friends who are interested.

Thank you!