Is majoring in biology difficult?

Is majoring in Biology difficult ? The Answer Is Here!

Study Biology Biology majors study the science behind living organisms. This study covers the origin and history of animal and plant life, their characteristics, functions, processes, and habits. So, for those who are curious, is majoring in biology difficult ? Read on to find out the answer!     is majoring in Biology difficult? Still…

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Afternoon tea in the UK

Afternoon tea in the UK.

The story of afternoon tea Writing Essay Afternoon tea is the most quintessential English custom. However, perhaps surprisingly it is a relatively new tradition. While the custom of drinking tea dates back to the third millennium BC in China (Johnson, 2015). Then it started to get popular during the 1660s in England because of King…

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Advertising vs Marketing Majors : What are the differences?

marketing vs advertising Marketing and advertising are often interpreted as the same thing. However it is not true. There is a big difference in business practices involving the two. Well, these are the differences that you should know before choosing to study advertising or marketing majors abroad. This time, SUN ASA Education will discuss the…

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study in the UK

Study in the UK: The life of an international student in the UK.

Studying in the UK Study in the UK as an international student, you will have access to all the world’s leading Universities. The world ranking universities and colleges include of course Cambridge, Oxford, University of Exeter, Abbey College, Concord College, University of St Andrews and many more. The life as an international student in the…

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Penang heritage

Must Visit Penang Heritage building

Penang Malaysia is well known for our rich cultural diversity and historical architecture. However, there is a place in Malaysia that has the most heritage buildings that are well maintained and protected. That place is called Georgetown. It is the heart of Malaysia’s northern Penang state. Other than the beautiful Penang heritage buildings, Penang also…

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Must do in New Zealand

Must Do in New Zealand

New Zealand New Zealand is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful scenery for us to enjoy. You will find everything from untamed wilderness to rich culture across New Zealand. If you enjoy nature you will love New Zealand. From towering mountains and mist-cloaked fjords, you can find serenity in golden beaches curled around quiet…

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7 Facts About America

7 Facts about America.

Living in America For those of you who are planning to move to America for study or work, you have to know a little bit about life there. Many people say that life in America can be described in two words: “free” and “expensive”. However, these two words are not always and completely true. This…

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popular courses in the uk

Popular Courses in the UK.

Study in the UK The United Kingdom is a very popular destination for studying abroad in Malaysia. Their status as home to the world’s most prolific universities such as Cambridge, Imperial College and Oxford is one of the reasons why. However there are some courses that are more popular than others.  On the other hand,…

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Cost of living in Canada

The Cost of Living Canada.

Cost of Living In our previous article, we wrote about why Canada is one of the most popular locations for studying abroad. Apart from their premier education, cross-cultural experiences, and a globally recognized degree, their cost of living is also quite affordable. However, for international students, planning ahead is a must before getting admitted to…

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Food in Malaysia

Food in Malaysia: Both the locals and tourist will enjoy.

All About Food Malaysia is a heaven for food. If you love food you will definitely love Malaysia. However, usually the locals have their own secret hideouts and hidden gems that tourists don’t know. Therefore, this article is to help you discover some of the good food that locals love. Some might be well known…

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