1. Make friends with everyone you meet

Make friends early on in college, as they often become lifelong companions. Be outgoing and greet everyone you meet. Utilize social media to connect with classmates and like-minded individuals. It’s not stalking; it’s research for building meaningful relationships during your university years.


2. Making use of your holidays

Holidays are an opportunity to work and build up some savings for the next semester, and the long break also presents an opportunity to spend a month or two travelling. If you’ve moved to Australia for studies, you may choose to visit family or explore your new surroundings during the extended break.


3. Join a society or sports club

At freshers’ fair, don’t just attend a few taster sessions for sports and societies—join something! University is about trying new things, whether it’s a sport like lacrosse or ultimate frisbee. Joining opens doors to meeting new people who share your interests.


4. Getting some industry experience

For many international students in Australia who are searching for a foothold up the ladder in their chosen career, internships provide a helping hand. They are an effective way to give university graduates a chance in major companies so that they can learn and grow while earning some money. It can significantly impact job applications and provide clarity on your career path.


5. Engaging with your learning

Explore diverse subjects beyond your major by taking advantage of short courses, common first-year electives, or breadth subjects offered by many universities. This allows you to graduate with a well-rounded education and diverse interests.


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