DIY Minimalist hacks

DIY Minimalist Furniture Hacks for University Students.

Why Minimalist Furniture Students usually do not live in a big house with lots of space. Therefore, it is very important to decorate their spaces with functional furniture. Minimalist designs are in trend as well. Simple yet aesthetic, very suitable for the modern day students. Shopper shares a coffee table hack by using the most…

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University students abroad

What University Students Do Abroad?

This article is all about understanding the life of an International student while they study abroad. Before deciding to study overseas, understanding the life of a student is a must.  **This article is 100% based on our students’ experience.** Life of a university Students. The life of students who study abroad are usually very different…

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Top 50 Young Universities

Top Universities: World’s Top Young Universities 2022

Top Universities: World’s Best Young Universities 2022 How can you get rated as a World’s Best Young University? A University is considered as a young University when they are less than 50 years old. In this article, there will be information on The Times Higher Education Young University Rankings list. As well as how THE…

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English test (Title)

Most Effective Ways to Score on Your English test.

Score Your English Test with Flying Colours. Before you study abroad, you will usually be asked to take an English Test. If English isn’t listening, speaking, reading and writing are all crucial skills  when it comes to mastering a new language. First we listen, then we speak, then we read and finally we write. These…

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Live Overseas After Studying Abroad

Live in the Country you Study Abroad?

Your dreams of living overseas may not be a dream after all. The Journey starts with studying abroad.  * Please take note that this article is based on our student’s past experience. It may not be 100% accurate for everyone . live overseas Have you been wondering, how did so many people manage to work…

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Undergraduates Survival: Tips from a Fourth Year Student

Are you feeling nervous about starting your degree (on the first day!) at your chosen college or university? Graduate vs Undergraduate: two different things but you could actually face the same few things! Your first day of university is, without a doubt, a character-building. It’s a nice challenge, right? And you’re taking it! Let me tell you—that is a great start.

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