Cost of living in Singapore

Cost of living in Singapore for Overseas Students.

Singapore Singapore is one of the developed countries in Asia and it is located close to Malaysia. Besides being a leader in the economy and also trade and business sector, this country also has an excellent education system. That is why there are many students who want to pursue their…

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Cost of Living in South Korea

How much is the cost of living in South Korea?

The Cost of living Music and entertainment industry are not the only well-known aspects of South Korea. This ‘Jinsom’ country also becomes one of the tourism destinations as well as for studying. There are a huge number of people visiting this country every year. Some of them stayed for weeks,…

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Score PTE: English Test

Tips on Scoring Your PTE Test : English Test.

A Different Kind of English test PTE is a fully computerised English test. Computerised tests usually have a very fixed marking system so you will have to trigger the marking points. Follow the points that we provide you and you will score with flying colours. KEYWORDS There are a few…

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